Quick Tips on Event Marketing in 2023

The date has been set. The venue has been reserved. The only thing left is to get people to show up. Concerned? Maybe a little? Don’t be.

For an event activation to be successful, a promotional strategy must be well-planned or you can contact an Event Management Agency in Dubai. With these event marketing and management strategies and tips, you can reach the right audience, create buzz, and reach your conference, trade show, or corporate event’s target audience.

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Setup a Website for Your Event

In contrast with setting up a basic landing page and contact form on your existing website, a standalone website for your event allows you to focus on your branding and SEO efforts on it. The design should feature clear CTAs that direct visitors to the registration page. Build the domain name around a memorable name and ensure that it is memorable.

Use Pop-ups on Your Site

Although pop-ups may be controversial, there’s no denying that they can increase conversion rates. Visitors can find out about your event through a pop-up on your website and you can direct them to your landing page.

Using email as a marketing tool

Having a list of loyal followers can make email one of the most effective marketing channels. Announcing early bird ticket prices and the speaker lineup several months before the event will help you start your email campaign on time. If the event is approaching, make sure you send emails regularly, reminding people of deadlines for discounted tickets and the final schedule, and a few days before registration closes.

Usage of Hashtags

Make sure to use a short and easy-to-remember hashtag every time you post about your event on social media. It also helps boost engagement and buzz before and during the event as people are looking for information about the event.

Collaborate with Influencers

Reaching a wider audience and boosting registration can be achieved by inviting industry influencers to your event. You can also promote your event greatly by having influencers at it, especially if you plan on running it regularly. Influencer marketing works best when you select a photogenic venue and encourage attendees to post photos and videos during the event.

Best Event Marketing Agency for Event Activation

Creative Media House offers professional event management and marketing services to help your event stand out. The entire process of event production – conference production & marketing is handled by us, from the very early planning stages to acquiring delegates, creating and running social media campaigns to the event execution and post-event follow-up.


A well-planned promotional strategy is required for an event to be successful. Create a landing page and contact form for your event on your existing website. Before and during the event, use pop-ups and hashtags to increase participation and buzz. The design should include clear call-to-action buttons that bring visitors to the registration page. With these event marketing techniques and ideas, you can reach the correct audience, generate buzz, and reach the target audience for your conference, trade exhibition, or corporate event. To help your event stand out, Creative Media House provides a professional event management and marketing services.


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