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Premium Data Acquisition & PR Agency in Dubai

Creative Media House is a data acquisition and PR agency based in Dubai. We help organizations to gain better insights into their target audience and unlock potential opportunities that accelerate their growth.

Gain valuable market insights

Our market research & survey services offer comprehensive insights into customer behavior, preferences, buying behavior, trends, and more. With this data at your disposal, you can design effective strategies to reach your target audience with precision.

Digital Acquisition

Our digital acquisition services use a blend of SEO, PPC & Social Media to bring you enough leads for better conversion. This helps you maximize the ROI from your campaigns so that you can stay ahead of your competition.

Appointment Setting

Our appointment-setting services help you make the most of your sales calls by connecting you with qualified prospects who are interested in hearing more about your products & services.

Public Relations & Telemarketing

With our public relations & telemarketing services, get the word out there and attract new customers while retaining existing ones with automated follow-up calls. This helps build trust and loyalty among your existing customers while also creating new opportunities.

Are you selling a complex product or service in a business-to-business environment? We will work with you against the challenge of selling to multiple decision-makers within a company, each with a different stake in the buying decision. We help you navigate the decision-making maze successfully.  Our account profiling
navigates strategic outreach with precise targeted insights,
empowering knowledge, and strategies by the experts.


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