E-commerce Marketing Trends In 2022

The E-commerce world has always been a competitive one. And with the Covid-19 pandemic coming along, the competition for these platforms has multiplied, as there is a growing need to be the best and hold a higher online presence, in retrospect to the competition. In order to stay ahead, there are certain trends that one has to monitor and incorporate into their E-commerce businesses. And so, here are some of those trends that will contribute to the success of your online store.

Online presence is now imperative:

The first one being that online sales growth are unstoppable. E- commerce sales have been growing constantly as online shopping is one of the most popular activities. With improved website experiences, people are now more comfortable sitting at home and shopping from these platforms. Let’s not forget that with the Covid -19 pandemic, shopping from home is the new and most heavily followed trend. Moreover, people have more options available to them, one of them being contactless payments. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that online sales are just moving upwards, and it is important that many stores who don’t have an online presence, have to work towards building their e-commerce platforms in order to gain profits.

Designed for Mobile users ‘Mobile friendly’:

The second trend is linked to the growth in mobile shopping. For the most part, Millennials and Gen Z have grown up around computers and the internet, and so they are likely to be using their mobiles to browse and research websites and various products online. While mobile shopping is also used by the older and more mature age group, still there is a very stumped growth in the profits from mobile shopping. And so, the focus has to be on the Millennials and Gen Z, as they are the ones who are pushing the revenues from mobile shopping upwards. Therefore, improving the experience of online shopping for mobile users could generate a lot of profit for the online businesses.

Social Media Marketing is changing the game:

Another trend that should be taken into account is the growing influence of social media on E-commerce. Many a time, people will shop from brands that they have discovered while using their social media platforms. Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. all have sponsored ads that are linked with the advertising of products. Many of these applications have the store option as well, where various brands are highlighted and so viewers can easily purchase with the click of a button. Therefore, businesses need to get in link with social media and have their products displayed on the current trending applications to further promote and increase revenue for their companies.

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Personalise, Personalise, Personalise:

The last and most important trend I feel is Personalisation, when it comes to the shopping experience. Many businesses believe that customers, especially in link to luxury retail, deserve to have a very personalized and online shopping experience catered to them. This leads to trust building for the brands and likely leads to an increase in acquiring a loyal clientele. The same can be said for smaller businesses who have to start incorporating personalized tactics with regards to their consumers. This could include the personalization of messages that go out via email, or by providing the right information to the interested consumer group. By offering personalized customer communications, providing relevant discounts, and engaging with customers via video content, will help deliver a better shopping experience and strengthen the bond with ones customers.

In conclusion, taking these E-commerce trends into account will not only improve the shopping experience for your customers, but will also build long-lasting relationships with them. And so, take your e-commerce evolution to the next stage by adapting to these E-commerce trends.

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