What Comes Under Corporate Event Planning? Complete Guide

With Covid restrictions lifted, corporate events have seen a significant increase in demand and reportedly see continuous growth week after week, particularly onsite events. This means that, even if your organization hasn’t already planned an event to bring customers and colleagues together, chances are one is on the way. So we have pulled together a helpful guide to help you deliver a successful one.

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What is corporate event planning?

Meeting planning is only one aspect of corporate event planning. You may be primarily responsible for planning conferences and meetings, but you may also need to organize exhibitions, round tables, training, corporate hospitality, client entertainment, presentations, team building sessions, award ceremonies, Christmas parties…the list goes on! 

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Types of corporate events

  • In addition to seminars and training sessions, small events can include team meetings, retreats, or simply booking a meeting room.
  • A large or mid-sized event relies heavily on technology, whether it’s a conference, a product launch, an exhibition, or a corporate party. As an event organizer, your responsibilities can range from organizing the event itinerary, setting up the stage, leading break-out sessions, providing catering and refreshments, to managing the audio-visual and registration facilities.

Regardless of what type of event you are planning, communication is essential! In the lead-up to the event, the event planner is responsible for promoting the event, coordinating with venues and caterers, as well as keeping guests and delegates engaged.

Things to consider when planning a corporate event

  • Event Objective

It’s always a good idea to start with your event objectives before planning your epic event. Is your event being planned for a specific reason? It is important to understand your ‘why’ so you can invite your desired guests along to your event and make it one they will never forget.

  • Event budget

Keeping track of your budget can have a huge impact on every aspect of your event. Making sure the right venue is chosen, selecting the right speakers, spending the right amount on promotion and giveaways, and even catering the event.

In order to generate additional income for your organization, you may be able to sell advertising space, sponsorship packages and exhibition space.

  • Finding the right venue

Here are some considerations when finding the right venue for your event:

  • Budget – You should consider your budget when selecting a venue, as well as the cost of venue hire and catering. Finding the right venue begins with knowing your numbers.
  • Size – For your venue to be able to accommodate all guests, you will need to know how many guests are expected to attend.
  • Location – How many of your guests will travel from where? Ideally, your venue should be centrally located near major routes or train stations to maximize attendance. Guests will also be relieved of the worry of parking fees by having on-site parking.
  • Event team – There is nothing better than choosing an event venue with an efficient team behind the scenes to make things run smoothly on the day (not to be the pompous one, but our event team is pretty awesome).
  • Event marketing – You can increase attendance and stakeholder engagement by creating a marketing campaign for your event.

It will also allow you to communicate key instructions and announcements, safe in the knowledge that your audience is already engaged.

There are a number of marketing assets associated with event marketing, including teaser emails, social media channels, a branded website, and a mobile event app. Additionally, you may want to create posters, flyers, pin-badges, and other accessories to raise anticipation and awareness of the event.

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