Event Management Companies in Abu Dhabi - Dubai [UAE & KSA]


The majority of the countries worldwide are reporting a downward trend for COVID, and with this comes the hope that this could be the fag end of the pandemic. 

In the MENA region, live & in-person events are returning, steering in a new phase for the event industry after the slag the industry witnessed in 2020-21.

 Necessity is the mother of invention. The pandemic paved the way for innovation, new processes, technologies, and frameworks and we have safer ways of organizing events, for connecting and doing business. 

If you are planning your next conference, event, award ceremony, or team engagement program, take a back seat and let an event management company plan your next event successfully. 

But before that let’s have a brief idea of event management, types of event management, and scope of work in the near future.


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What is event management?

The management & planning of any kind of event which includes corporate events, wedding events, concerts, Trade shows/expositions, Fundraising and Charity Events, award ceremonies, and corporate gatherings, partner meetings.

In simple words, event management is the planning, creation, designing, and execution of social events.  

What are the different types of event management? 

There are different types of event management available in the market, but here we are going to talk about the most famous and demanding ones which are listed below:- 


A webinar is an online seminar that transforms a presentation into a live interaction with participants from all around the world.

Webinars enable large groups of people to participate in online conversations or training events and exchange audio, documents, or slides on the Internet meeting. 

Live events: 

A popular or traditional concert, dance party, recital program or other live entertainment with the musical scene is called a live event. 


A group of people gather in the hall to discuss the meeting on a particular topic. 

Award ceremonies: 

An award ceremony is a special occasion in which prizes/ awards are given to various achievers who have carved a niche in the related field. 

Gala Dinner: 

A gala dinner is a semi-formal adult celebration that includes supper, dancing, and an auction or raffle.


An exhibition is a special event in which the general public may examine a collection of unique artifacts or products. 

Scope in event management

Event management provides a wide scope in terms of employment opportunities, revenue growth, career growth, and skill development as well as a huge knowledge of management.  

So, we are discussing the agencies, right? The following are the top service providers in UAE. 

Top 6 Event Companies in Abu Dhabi-Dubai [UAE & KSA]

Creative Media House : 

If you are planning your next event or conference, Creative Media House can help you with successful planning & execution. With a team having more than a decade of experience in event management, Creative Media House has found a niche in the industry for technology, finance, Human resources, healthcare, Cybersecurity, supply chain, and procurement events. From digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, content creation, corporate video production, and account profiling to content creation, and event production, this agency based in Dubai (UAE) caters to event requirements from across the MENA region.

Contact: +971 (0)4 580 3160


Address: P O Box: 391186, Suite 13 & 14 Ground Floor, Iridium Building, Al Barsha, Dubai – UAE


It is one of the most renowned entertainment agencies in Dubai (UAE). They are in this industry from quite a while and have great expertise in the field of sports event, exhibition, festival, galas, opening ceremonies and various other events.

Contact No: +971501110895

Email id:

Address: Al Shatha Tower,35th floor, Office 3510Dubai Media City, P.O Box 502023 United Arab Emirates


Being in the event management industry since 2009, Marcomsme has been reframing the ways of brand promotion and event planning all across the region. They collaborate with advertisers and marketers to provide a breakthrough performance to the clients. They believe in good opportunities to showcase their vision, value, and quality to the industry. 

Contact No: +97148851661 

Address: Dubai Investment Park 1 Dubai United Arab Emirates


It is one of the leading event management companies in Dubai, UAE. They specialize in mall promotion with entertainment, innovative event production as well as corporate events. Apart from these they also provide stage shows, activities workshops, and interactive entertainment services.

Contact No: +971044278118

Email id:

Address: 1st Floor, Unit 16, EBC Warehouse Compound, Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. P.O.Box 30662


Elixir is a group of young professionals led by a seasoned entrepreneur with event planning and management expertise, the company offers high-quality services at a reasonable price. They provide their clients with a unique viewpoint and help them turn their ideas into reality with their high-quality services. 

Contact No: +97142460150

Email id:

Address: Damac XL tower,15th floor Suite S06,Al Marasi Drive Business Bay, Dubai UAE


Since 2004, Ggreatwallevents has been a well-known organization that provides practically every form of event service. A team of professionals with over ten years of expertise effectively organizes, executes, and manages functions covering from corporate to conferences, and from weddings to birthday celebrations for its clients. Their staff recognizes each client’s unique needs and tailors services to meet those needs at the best possible pricing.

Contact No: +97142566208

Email id:

Address: Warehouse No.02, Building No.22, FAB Properties, Dubai Investment Park 01, Dubai,UAE


We have learned about the top 6 event companies in Abu Dhabi & Dubai (UAE). Some have distinguishing characteristics, and their worth is determined by their services and costs. So, if you’re searching for an event planner, you may select from any of the agencies listed above to make your event a success.


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