Top 10 Free Chrome Extensions For SEO

One day, I, along with my dearest friend had a gala dinner. We were just enjoying the moment and while in our normal conversation, my friend started a topic called “How can I boost my website traffic?

At first, I laughed at his genuine query.

I am serious! He said.

Ohhhh, Sorry, dear!

As I am a working professional in the IT sector, I love to answer his query, especially when there are technological bombardments in almost every sector. So, I know the importance of technological evolution, hence I started explaining.

As we all know, the importance of ranking in SERP will boost your business if you get the top rank. I know you have a website, but having a pity website is not everything for you to boost your traffic. It’s all about ranking.

How will you get the top ranking?

Do you know?

With the help of the Best SEO Company in Dubai, right?

In this competitive market, there are lots of SEO consultants. Their job is to rank your website at the top.

That is fine. If you consult with an SEO Expert, they will rank your website. But do you know how they do SEO?

It’s a secret! But precisely, I can tell you that there are some free SEO chrome extensions that help in performing the SEO activities.

The Top 10 Free Chrome Extensions For SEO are:

  1. Ubersuggest: The Ubersuggest Chrome extension shows keyword data from Google search results.

It also displays related phrases and information without ever leaving the SERPs. You may export the data to CSV or receive additional information by clicking on any of the information headings under “People also search for…” It then takes you to the Ubersuggest dashboard for the phrase you choose.

This data makes it straightforward to do keyword research from the SERPs at a glance.

  1. Moz: Have you ever thought about what domain authority entails? It is a metric created by Moz. If the domain is higher, then the rank will be higher.

Moz created the MozBar Chrome extension, which displays a web page’s domain and page authority.

This plugin is handy while browsing the internet and researching potential competitors since it quickly shows you how you compare to them.

Furthermore, you may easily find your competitor’s most authoritative sites that require examination while browsing their website.

  1. Buzzsumo: While browsing the web, you will definitely read several articles, including ones produced by your competitors. Using the Buzzsumo plugin, you can see how many social shares and backlinks each post has.

You may also see which articles on that website are the most popular based on social sharing and backlink count.

This gives you a good idea of what type of material you should start writing.

  1. Meta SEO Inspector: Errors in traffic can be dangerous.

The smallest things, like your meta tags, may have a major impact on your results, so be sure you’ve fully optimized them.

Using Meta SEO Inspector, you can quickly evaluate if your meta tags are properly configured.

  1. Check My Links: The more link data you have, similar to the Redirect Path extension, the better if you spend a lot of effort on technical SEO and analyzing your competition.

Let me explain why this tool is so valuable: understanding your data on internal connections is equally as vital as understanding your data on external ties.

When you visit any page on your website, Check My Links will provide you with all of the internal link numbers you require (or the website of your competitors).

This extension not only gives you an overview but also lets you explore information on the whole page by highlighting each link.

  1. SEO Minion: SEO is all about planning ahead of time.

Spending just 10 minutes each day on adjustments can have a big impact on your traffic a year later. If you prefer a simpler approach, the next SEO Chrome plugin, SEO Minion, is for you. Broken links are one task that utilizes SEO Minion on a regular basis.

You may also use it to detect broken links on other websites, which has an extra benefit: if link building is essential to you, contact them and request that the broken link be replaced with one from your site. This is good to do on-page SEO.

  1. SEOquake: Need a quick way to get a detailed overview of your website? SEOquake can help you.

SEO The Chrome plugin provides a full breakdown of your Alexa ranking as well as indexing information for Google, Bing, and SEMrush rank.

Drilling down into individual reports, such as a density or diagnostic report, is then possible.

The keyword density report breaks down the keyword density on each page.

You don’t have to be obsessive with keyword density, but if you don’t contain a phrase for which you want to rank, you won’t appear in the top SERPs.

  1. Keywords Everywhere: Keywords every where is the most popular SEO plugin available, and it is great for anybody undertaking keyword research.

Simply go to Google and enter the keyword you wish to target. Keywords everywhere shows you a host of additional related terms to target.

You can quickly export the list and then create a master list of relevant keywords around which to create your content.

Keywords everywhere data is available directly within Google rather than through a specialized tool.

  1. Keyword Surfer: Whether you use Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or SEMrush, they all have one thing in common: you must regularly return to collect the keyword data you require.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see keyword and backlink metrics right in your Google browser? Using Keyword Surfer, you can do exactly that.

When you search for something, you will see both the global search volume and the volume in your area.

  1. Redirect Path: Although Redirect Path is a lesser-known extension, it is critical when executing technical SEO.

Your URLs will change as time passes. This plugin notifies you when something goes wrong, whether it’s due to a new structure or because you’re removing old content and merging pages.

Redirect Path allows you to quickly identify whether a redirect is broken or not.

So, friend, I hope you understood and are now able to get better traffic “FREE”.

Isn’t it?

Thanks, mate for such a piece of good information! He replied

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