Current Challenges of Digital Marketing


In order to succeed in this highly competitive world, businesses and all types of nonprofit organizations are taking advantage of technology. Technology not only streamlines our routine marketing tasks but also helps us save time and effort.

But do you know?

Doing business is also a component and a roadmap of sustainable development of the economy. So, focusing more and more on the business can generate revenue to the organization and ultimately the gross domestic product of the country increases.

However, the question arises here that how will you market your business to your target audience. As we know there are certain challenges in the digital world as well. Before diving into top marketing solutions, let’s have a clear understanding of digital marketing and it’s current challenges.

What is digital marketing?

In very simple terms, digital marketing is nothing but a way of advertising your business through an online medium. In other words, digital marketing refers to advertising or promotional campaigns that appear on an electronic device such as a computer, phone, tablet etc. over the internet.

Why is digital marketing important for startups?

Digital marketing provides a wide scope of business opportunities including revenue growth, more customer reach with limited time, efforts & money. It is important for startups because initially businesses have few customers and covering huge marketing costs with limited budgets through traditional means of marketing may not be possible. So, an effective marketing plan which Includes digital Is Imperative for small and medium sized businesses.

Current Challenges of Digital Marketing 

Huge competition:- There is also huge competition in digital marketing because almost every organization is now focusing towards online marketing. So creating unique concepts and content is required to generate to generate demand for your products and services.

Failing to Target the right audience:- To target the right audience, you would need an agency with digital marketing expertise as your campaign needs to reach out to the correct audience as per location, interests, organization, covering both the B2B and B2C angle.

Not Driving relevant traffic:- While running the marketing campaign, driving the relevant traffic sometimes becomes difficult because deciding and identifying the target niche is tough.

Trust issue:- To reach the audience through digital means sometimes creates trust issues among the customers especially when the brand Is relatively new In the market.

Failing to choose the right social media platform:- Social media platform also helps in brand awareness and promotion. But the thing is that sometimes people may get confused while selecting the right and relevant platform for advertising . They sometimes choose all the social media platforms by thinking that they will get more leads. But it’s not true, it only increases your marketing cost.

How Creative Media House Can Solve Digital Marketing Challenges?   

Creative Media House is one of the leading agencies of digital marketing in Dubai (UAE). They have a team of experts in marketing who manage all the digital marketing activities of the clients effectively and efficiently. Before providing the services to their clients, they carry thorough research and analysis about the company’s niche and competitors, and provide the customized digital marketing solutions which are qualitative and cost effective.


We can conclude that though there are certain challenges of digital marketing that most people are not aware of, there are always solutions that beat these challenges and makes your brand stand out from others.


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