5 Tips To Improve Ads Click-Through-Rate (CTR) In 2022

Digital Marketing Advertisers, Media Houses and Marketing Agencies alike, all want one thing, and that is to achieve a higher CTR. A higher Click Through Rate means higher traffic, better scores and a lower CPC (Cost per Click).

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Here are 5 tips that will allow you to improve your campaign Click-Through-Rates with Google Ads.

1. Make Use of Ad Extensions

With a thorough use of ad extensions, you can display features, services, additional information and even links to specific pages on your website. Ad extensions lead to the Ad copy appearing size-able which in turn allows the Ad to stand out. Sharing more information on your Ads not only makes it more relevant with regards to your target audience, but also lead towards better chances of an increase in Clicks.

And might I point out, that including these Ad extensions, is actually free of cost!

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2. Make Use of Negative Keywords

Adding relevant keywords does increase your AdWords CTR, however including negative keywords is also equally effective. Negative keywords can assist you with cutting Ad spend on unrelated keywords. Moreover, excluding search terms that aren’t related to your business will help cut down disinterested impressions. This in turn will increase the CTR on your PPC ads, allowing you to reach the right target audience and also minimise random clicks on your landing pages.

3. Make Use of Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Improving Quality Score is important and the way to do that is to insert keywords into headlines, descriptions and display URL’s. Maintaining a good quality score leads to an increase in the algorithm triggering your ads for related searches. Moreover, inserting a relevant keyword in the display URL is technically a double win, that is it leads to an increase in search queries and an increase in CTR.

4. Understand Your Audience and Be Creative

Conduct your research and take note of what your competition is saying in their ads. All your ads must be in sync with your brand’s tone of voice. Your ad copy must be written with the focus being your audience search intent. An audience centred approach will allow you to produce engaging, creative and well-written ads. The overall result will be an improvement in the ad CTR.

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5. If Nothing Works, Bid higher

If you have tried all the techniques and your CTR is still low, then you are losing to competition. Bidding higher can help better the position of your ads which in turn would lead to and improved ad position, further resulting in an improvement in CTR. However, the downside to this would be a significant increase in cost. The solution in this case is to keep testing. Headlines, copy and URL paths should all be tested in your ads in order to improve the CTR of your campaigns.

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